IN THE MOMENT with TINA KING (Photopix by Tina), who is an award winning photographer, and resides in the Durham Region of Ontario. Here's a recent interview with her: PHOTOPIX BY TINA was created in 2005, from a hobby in 1988. Her appreciation of arts came from a background of artistic family talents of music and drawing, and her own creative environment and escapes. Tina's camera took her places, exploring and escaping life through her lens which created a pallet for her to express herself, as viewed through this compilation video: Tina enjoys her contributions to her local community; SNAP Whitby issue on the re-opening of Antony's Gallery in Whitby, Ontario, where her work was also featured Her work is currently in the Durham Area at Creative Math in Music in Pickering, Debbie's Cafe in Ajax, and Ink Culture Studios in Whitby. As of August 2011, she became a member of The Spoke Club in Toronto! PHOTOPIX BY TINA prefers to photograph in non-structured settings where candid interactions and the art of observation can take place, using existing lighting. So please contact her for a very creative "in the moment" experience. Quotes can only be made on an individual basis. Each project requires its own combination of services and deadlines. All images are copyright © Photopix by Tina. All rights are reserved. Any copying, altering, displaying, reproduction or redistribution of any of these images without written permission is strictly prohibited.
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